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Used Portable Kitchen Islands | DIY Home Ideas

Portable Kitchen Islands - They Make Reconfiguration Easy

Portable islands aren't permanently installed, and you can move or roll them to another area of your home. Some, which are called kitchen carts, have locking casters to keep them in place. To move the island, simply unlock the casters and roll the island to a new space for food prep or to make more room in the kitchen. Stationary islands aren't meant to be moved. They're often larger and sturdier than portable islands.

Wayfair products such as barstools and counter stools can complement a kitchen island. Additionally, a kitchen island & cart can be used to complement a corresponding dining set. Look for curated kitchen islands & carts paired with different seating options, or mix and match your own to reflect your unique style.

Kitchen Islands Kitchen Islands, often the hub of the kitchen, add precious counter space and storage capability. Available in many sizes, shapes and finishes, kitchen islands are not only practical, but are also attractive and provide a variety of features for organization and convenience.

Kitchen islands offer ample storage space for dishes, utensils and other kitchenware and can feature wine racks, spice racks or kitchen storage compartments. Many have surfaces that can be used as cutting boards, and some come with bar stools so that they can be used as tables. For a smaller kitchen, a portable kitchen island or a kitchen cart can be a good choice.

If you're currently renting a home, a portable kitchen island is a great option as you can take it with you when you go. We carry a variety of portable options to choose from in a range of colors and styles.

• Kitchen Island Cart: A kitchen island cart - or portable kitchen island - is ideal for creating extra prep space without spending money on a custom, built-in island. Portable kitchen islands can provide a wide range of features including drop leaves, butcher blocks, towel racks, wine storage, drawers and cabinets.