Wall Computer Cabinet

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Wall Computer Cabinet

Posted by Brouillard Amedee on Sunday, 19 January, 2020 05:42:45

Included adjustable, vertical mounting rails are available with either square holes for cage nuts or with tapped holes. While we stock a complete line of large cabinets for rack mount components and shelves, we are also experts in small floor and wall mounted computer racks. Our cabinets meet the following industry standards:

Wall-Mount Computer Cabinets Store and Secure Computers and LCD Screens In One Place. Wall-Mount Computer Cabinets are made with polycarbonate surface for lasting durability.

Wall Mounted Computer Workstation Cabinet A premium wall mounted computer workstation cabinet that houses a complete computer system. It is equipped with CPU storage, flatscreen monitor display mount, folding computer keyboard and mouse tray, and lockable doors to safely keep the computer from unauthorized use. Wall Mounted Workstation 771774

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Wall Mount Racks and Ceiling Cabinets can help free up floor space while providing security and accessibility for your network components, audio/visual equipment, and other hardware. Ceiling boxes disappear into your plenum spaces, keeping components and hardware secure and completely out of the way, allowing your conference room or presentation space to be free of clunky cabinets.

Organize and secure servers, network switches, storage and telecom equipment in data centers, server rooms and wiring closets with wall mount rack enclosures, floor standing cabinets and open frame racks.