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Installing Cabinet Hardware Cabinets. Traditionally, knobs are used on cabinet doors, and pulls (handles) are used on drawers. However, some kitchens may use all knobs or all pulls, or any combination that best suits your style. When mounting knobs on cabinet doors, place the knob in the corner of the door.

Should you choose pulls or knobs for your cabinet hardware? Searching for the right cabinet hardware is the same process regardless of whether it's for a powder room vanity or an office built-in cabinet or an entire kitchen.

On base cabinets with drawers, keep pulls on lower drawers slightly higher than center. They'll appear centered when viewed from above. 2. To visually check the location of a knob without making

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs vs. Pulls: Which is Right for You? Your kitchen is the central hub of your home, and most people consider it the most important room of the house. You probably begin your day in the kitchen with a cup of coffee or a quick breakfast with your family.

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The pull should be placed in the on the center, i.e 9" from the left and right of the edge of drawer fronts. Shaker Cabinet Doors : When it comes to Shaker cabinet doors, the hardware placement is largely subjective. There are no rules to follow as such.