Zero Clearance Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

Flame Monaco EPA Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace

Zero Clearance Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

Posted by Breaux Albert on Wednesday, 4 December, 2019 19:08:03

What is a zero clearance fireplace, anyway? Zero clearance fireplaces are built in a factory. By definition, the pre-manufactured unit or firebox can be placed up against combustible materials like wood, wall, or paneling.

Woodland Direct specializes in Wood Burning Fireplaces, Fireplace - Custom, New or Replacement. Over 25 years of fireplace and chimney experience. Supreme Astra 24 Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace Item#: M52400014 Isokern Magnum Fireplace - 72" Item#: 61100009 Superior WRT3000 Wood Burning

Features Stainless steel firebox Automatic air control Chimney sweeping cap Blowers (125 CFM each) Unique door operation Sealed ash pan Removable ash lip Easy-Light Downward draft secondary air control Built In BBQ! A BBQ grill is stored inside the fire chamber to allow users to cook their favourite meals when the wood is reduced to Read more

Also known as factory built fireplaces, zero clearance fireplaces or zc fireplaces take their name from the ability to enclose them in wood framing. In almost all cases, the framing of a zc fireplace can make direct contact with the fireplace being installed, allowing a relatively simple and straightforward installation.

Few things can beat the crackle, pop and glow of a wood-burning fireplace. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary look, Superior wood-burning fireplaces offer designs to suit every d├ęcor, style and budget. Our EPA certified line offer comfort and warmth coupled with the peace of mind that comes from responsible burning.

ZERO CLEARANCE WOOD BURNING FIREPLACES. A wood burning fireplace is for those that want the real fire and possibly want to supplement their heating bills. Todays zero clearance fireplaces are designed to be used when building a fireplace from scratch in a new home or adding one to an existing home.